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Rachistructure provides basic attribute based aspect oriented programming infrastructure. I wrote two years ago (31.07.2014) but it had same bugs. Now, I fixed it. If you want to AOP in your application and you don’t want to make complex configuration, you can use this.


To install Rachistructure, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Rachistructure -Pre

How to use?

First, you must create new instance from InstanceProvider and map types with instance like following example:

InstanceProvider instanceProvider = new InstanceProvider();

instanceProvider.Register<ITypeA, TypeA>();
instanceProvider.Register<ITypeB, TypeB>();
instanceProvider.Register<ITypeC, TypeC>();  

InstanceProvider not static object so if you use in other class as a static property, you access to easy.

public class TypeContainer
  public static readonly InstanceProvider InstanceProvider = new InstanceProvider();  


public static Main(string[] args)
  ITypeB typeBInstance = TypeContainer.InstanceProvider.Resolve<ITypeB>();

For after than, you can do Resolver<T>() method for create instance by types. But I give support only constructor injection and you must a interface class for use this library.


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